Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's the Palmetto Truth Squad?

We spend way too much time online, we know. But we love this state, we love the First Amendment (and the others, most of them anyway), and we love Palmetto politics. So it was that we recently came upon a blog called Not Very Bright, a guy that discusses South Carolina politics and environmental issues. In a recent post there, someone with the webhandle "Rankin" (the Senator from Horry, perhaps? Dunno.) said this:

There is NO real reporting in SC. Reporters take tips, and scratch the surface. They do not have the time nor intent. State government is falling apart, only too many people are making too much money for it to come out. A couple of bloggers sometimes write thoughtful articles, but generally, they are not much better than the rest of the media. There are tons of state government employees, especially recently retired ones, that will tell where the “bodies are buried”…especially at HHS, DDSN and DSS. Maybe a blogger could “advertise” for tips of abuse, and crimes…and see what happens. The truth will out, if given a little chance.

So this is that blog: the place for truth to will out.

What are we looking for? Verifiable examples of waste, mismanagment and fraud in South Carolina state and local government. We're not interested in who's sleeping with whom, unless that whom happens to be a lobbyist or campaign donor looking to influence a lawmaker under the sheets.

But there are rules:

First, your anonymity will be protected. This is not a gotcha site for whistleblowers. If you are concerned about your anonymity, we'd suggest you write to us via an anonymous e-mail account that is not linked to any account that you currently use. E-mail us at (Sites like Gmail or Hushmail are available for free.) There are no invisible web tracking widgets or other software here to record your IP address.

Second, no lies. Be prepared to back up your claims or they will never appear on this site. This is not a place for scurrilous attacks on other people. The Truth Squad reserves the right to decide if you're lying. If we have doubts, whether through our own investigation or our friends in the know, we'll shred your comments. Period. We will communicate with you via e-mail.

That's it. You'll be anonymous, but you will also be truthful. Fair enough? Let's go.